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What is InvestorMania?

InvestorMania is on a mission to help entrepreneurs fund their business. We help entrepreneurs prepare themselves properly and present themselves in a professional manner to active investors through our industry leading online platform. We give you the tools needed to secure capital, you can upload pictures, video and have one on one conversations with investors directly through InvestorMania.

Challenges of Raising Capital

Let's be honest, raising capital for a startup or small business is hard. In today's economic times especially it is difficult to find investors who are actively looking to invest in businesses. We screen our investors one by one and believe in quality over quantity, we understand matching great investors with great deals is the key to funding deals.

Finding the Perfect Match

Finding the right investor for your business is the most crucial stage in securing funding. Many times businesses take too long to fund their business because they are not getting in front of the right investors, we understand your frustration at InvestorMania so we went ahead and built a platform that helps entrepreneurs engage with investors who are actively looking for similar opportunities.